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Hysterically funny, troubling, and ultimately moving, YOU MIGHT FEEL A LITTLE PRICK answers the question we’ve all been asked by someone in a white coat:

Just What Is Your Level Of Pain ?

About Reuben Leder

Reuben Leder grew up in the indie film world, along with his sisters—director Mimi Leder and casting director Geraldine Leder—working on the ultra-low-budget films made by their father Paul Leder. Reuben’s movie education included apprenticeships in every department: including writing.

He went on to sell several original screenplays to just about every major studio. That led to assignments and production rewrites that took him all over the globe. Reuben also wrote and directed the feature film BALTIC STORM, a fact-based political thriller examining the tragic North Sea sinking of the ferry ‘Estonia’. It starred Greta Scacchi and Donald Sutherland.

One of a pair of screenplays Reuben sold to DreamWorks, SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY, originated by his father, is a WWII story based on the experiences of his parents, Etyl, a concentration camp survivor, and his father, a combat medic in Patton’s Army that liberated Buchenwald.

Concurrently, Reuben began a long career in TV, starting as a story editor on THE INCREDIBLE HULK, then writing and producing the first 6 seasons of MAGNUM P.I. for which he received two Emmy nominations; a Magnum script he wrote and directed received an NAACP Image Award nomination for the guest star. Numerous other TV pilots and showrunning gigs followed, including his own creation, BERLIN BREAK, a post-Cold War spy thriller shot in Berlin. He was also recognized by the voters of the WGA for participating in the writing of the “101 Best Written TV Series”, STAR TREK: TNG.

Presently, Reuben has completed YOU MIGHT FEEL A LITTLE PRICK, a pre-Covid novel that takes a satiric look at the medical and health insurance underworlds.

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Video Readings

Reuben Leder reads some of his favorite passages from You Might Feel a Little Prick in this animated video series. He explores his mostly spoiler-free “diabolical” plot along with the motivations and emotions of his three main characters.


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